Unwrap Your Gift

Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.
Corinhians 12:7

When we think of gifted people, we probably think of artists, musicians, orators, and athletes. Their talents and physical gifts can be perfected through discipline and practice. However, the Holy Spirit gives spiritual gifts to the body of Christ, the church. Our focus should not be on the physical gifts we may have, but on the specific spiritual gifts needed for the church to excel in its mission to proclaim the gospel and to minister to God‘s people. Spiritual gifts may be discovered through a “gifts test”, but are more frequently discovered through a tug a the heart when one person in the church recognizes he or she can meet a need of another person.

The Lord is generous with the gifts He gives His people. The Holy Spirit provides each believer with something the church needs. It is important to use the gifts He gives us. If we don’t exercise the spiritual gifts He gives us, we may lose them! The Spirit can use whom He chooses. What a joy to be gifted to serve!

Think of a need in Graham Chapel that is not being met. Now take a moment to pray that the Holy Spirit will give someone both the desire and the ability to fill that need.

What will you do this week to meet the of God’s people?

Wesley Bible Curriculum July 19. 2015


Back Yard Bible School
There will be a Backyard Bible School July 27-31. Money is needed for Bibles and other items. See Janet Henderson to give money for Bibles or for more information.

Important Dates and Events

July 22 Middle School Girls Pool Party
July 26 Jerusalem Project
               Commissioning Service at Buck Creek Baptist Church
July 27-31 Jerusalem Project & Backyard Bible School
August 16 Back to School Extravaganza

Special Note: Sunday Evening Service, July 26, will be moved to Buck Creek Baptist Church. There will be no PM service here at Graham Chapel on the 26th. All are encouraged to attend the service to support this ministry to our community.

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