The Word Is: Eternal

Welcome Graham fam! We are so glad you could watch Sunday morning online with us.

* 2 Timothy 3:15-17

* Psalm 111:7-10
* Matthew 24:35

1. The Word is Engaging when you Engage it!
* Psalm 119:129-136

2. The Word is Efficient when used Efficiently!

— But when someone read their Bible 4 days per week all of a sudden everything changed! It had a profound impact on their daily lives.

a. 30% less likely to struggle with loneliness
b. 32% less likely to have anger issues
c. 50% less likely to have bitterness in relationships
d. 57% less likely to get drunk
e. 60% less likely to feel spiritually stagnant
f. 61% less likely to view pornography
g. 68% less likely to have sex outside of marriage
h. 74% less likely to gamble
i. In fact it was found that reading 4 days/ week reduced a persons probability of engaging in any habits by 61%-69% with adults being at 61% and teenagers being at 69%.
j. 228% more likely to share their faith with others!
k. 231% more likely to disciple others
l. 407% more likely to memorize scripture!

* Psalm 119:9-11

3. The Word is Essential!
* John 17:14-17
* 2 Timothy 2:15

* I Thessalonians 2:13

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