The End of the Beginning: The Trials

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The End of the Beginning – 5 – The Trials

Last week we talked about Peter’s Denial. This just happened to take place during the beginning of the trials of Jesus. Jesus was brought before the council as they began to question and accuse him. Today we pick back up in Luke 23 as the trials of Christ begin. We have a lot of scripture so let’s roll!

Scripture: Luke 23:1-24

1. Christ will always have enemies!
– John 15:18-19
– Matthew 6:23
2. There will always be people who defer!
3. The crowd is usually wrong!
– Matthew 7:13-14
4. It’s time to take responsibility!
– Matthew 27:24-25


We love to read the Easter Story and think about how terrible Judas was, and how terrible it was for Peter to deny Christ, and how terrible it was for the religious leaders to demand Jesus’ death and free Barabas. But it was my sin that put Jesus in the hands of those men. It was my sin that made him suffer. It was my sin that put him on that cross. Say that with me this morning, “It was my sin that put Jesus on the cross.”
Until we take responsibility for that, I don’t know how you could even claim to have a relationship with Christ. It is a sad understanding when we realize it was because of us. But it is a wonderful realization that Christ willingly went to that cross for us. Will you choose him today and tomorrow and for the remaining days of your life?

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