The End of the Beginning: The Betrayal

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The End of the Beginning – 3 – The Betrayal

As we continue to focus on the last week of Jesus’ life, today we are going to talk about the part where Jesus is betrayed. This is probably the most frustrating part of the entire story of the Gospel. It is so difficult for us to imagine how someone who walked with Jesus, spent 3 years with him, and saw with their own eyes all the wonderful and amazing thing that he did, could betray him.
For 30 pieces of silver Judas has agreed to betray the Son of God. As it says in…
Exodus 21:32

Scripture: John 18:1-11

1. Jesus had a routine!
2. Evil comes in the darkness!
3. Jesus knew what was coming!
– John 13:26-28
4. We got to play according to Jesus’ Rules!
– Ephesians 6:12
5. What was coming was from the Father!

This morning I want you to know that there is nothing you have endured that Christ has not endured. If you have been betrayed and hurt beyond understanding, know that Christ has suffered with you. Yet, his response was to wash Judas’s feet just like the other 11 who would fail him as well. And as it says in the book of…
– Hebrews 5:8-9
You and I are called to do the things that Christ has done and even greater things. He has called us to do wonderful good things, and to suffer as he suffered. The betrayal was just part of the qualifications that Christ has to endure to become worthy to be the source of your salvation. You are called to be an example of what he has done for you!

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