The End of the Beginning: Preparation for the Holy Spirit

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The End of the Beginning – 2 – Preparation for the Holy Spirit

We are focusing on the last week of the physical life of Christ and the end of the beginning is approaching. Jesus will be on trial, crucified, and placed in a tomb in just a few short days. And in the last week, the best way to describe what is taking place is that Jesus is cramming as much teaching into the disciples as he possibly can.

Today we will be reading about how Jesus is preparing them for his departure and the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Scripture: John 14:12-21 (Jesus final words with the disciples and they are still confused)

Points: (Things that Christ desires)
1. Jesus wants us to be like him!
2. Jesus wants us to be obedient!
3. Jesus wants to be with us!
4. Jesus wants us to be filled with Holy Spirit!


As we finish up today, you have to understand what Jesus did to ensure your success as a follower of his. He suffered and died for you! He raised people from the dead and resurrected himself from the grave proving that there is life after death and that we too can live after we die. He ascended to heaven, proving that there is a spiritual realm beyond this physical world that we are limited to at this moment.

Just at the time when he could have absolutely proven he was the Son of God and been the most powerful and feared person on the earth, he in his consistent character retreats to allow faith without seeing to be the connecting power between God and people.

There is an eternal home waiting for us that he is already in. And He sent us the very Spirit of God to dwell within us and give us the supernatural ability to do what was impossible for us to do before! We can do what he did, we can be obedient, and we can be united with Christ in an intimate and powerful way. We can truly love God and we can truly experience his love.

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