The End of the Beginning: Palm Sunday

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The End of the Beginning – 6 – Palm Sunday

Over the past 6 weeks we have been talking about the last week of Jesus life. And its so much more than just the last week of his physical life but it is the end of the beginning. It is the end of the first covenant, the end of the Old Testament. Jesus is going to fulfill this original covenant that was initiated with the call of Abraham 1,921 years before Christ, the Old Testament Covenant that was agreed upon by the people of Israel at Mount Sinai around 1,491 years before Christ. Jesus is about to fulfill this 2,000-year-old covenant and bring it to an end. Then he is ushering in a New Covenant which is what the entire New Testament represents.
But we have to back up because today is Palm Sunday, and we are going to look at this amazing account of Jesus entering into Jerusalem as the clock begins ticking away at the last few days of his life.

– Luke 19:28-40

1. Jesus sees all and knows all!
2. It’s all about the donkey!
3. The crowd is usually wrong!
4. Jesus will get all the praise, all the glory, and all the honor!


I just want to encourage you today that even if you don’t fully comprehend who Jesus is and what he is capable of, that you should still praise him! Still glorify him and still honor him. To the best of your abilities, give God glory in your life. But you do need to realize that we must come to an understanding of who Jesus is eventually. Or we may find ourselves fighting against him when things don’t happen as we think they should.
When Jesus didn’t proclaim himself as king, when he refused to answer the accusations, the crowd did what the crowd does best. They followed the loudest voices which happened to be the enemies of God’s plan.
Jesus is Lord and King. He desires to be Lord and King in your life. But he is going to be the Lord and King that he is, not the one you think he should be. We have to realize exactly who Christ is so that we can submit to his will and his authority. In doing that, it’s the only way that we won’t get it wrong like the crowd did on that day.

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