Tabernacle Worship: Entering to Worship

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Tabernacle Worship – 1 – Entering to Worship

As we talk about worship, sometimes it is very difficult to really nail down exactly what we should be doing in order to truly worship the way that God would have us to. Its already hard enough to be committed to serving the Lord and the last thing we want to do is waste our time doing something that is not pleasing to the Lord.

As we start our new series of Tabernacle Worship, we are simply looking back to the OT to see how and what God required of his people in worship and take the opportunity to apply that to our relationships with Christ today. What we are talking about over the next few weeks is not a concrete law that you should go by, but if you ever just find yourself wondering how to please God, this might be helpful to you.

The Israelites spent around 1,400 years worshiping the one true God according to the instruction that God gave them at Mt. Sinai. Jesus did not come to abolish that Law but he came to fulfill it. There are many things in the OT that are no longer necessary because of the blood of Christ but all things from the OT are beneficial and useful to teach and understand who God is and what he requires of us. So, we are talking about Tabernacle worship and today we are talking about entering in to worship the Lord!

Many things that Jesus said was very much connected to OT scriptures and requirements for worship. As Jesus spent most of his time teaching the people of Israel, they would have very much understood the implications and analogies.

1. We must understand that worshiping is special!
– Numbers 2:1-2
– Acts 2:42-47
2. You had to choose to enter to worship!
– Psalm 100:1-4
– Hebrews 12:28
3. You could initially approach God, but Sin had to immediately be dealt with!
– Leviticus 1:4
– Hebrews 10:19-20
4. The residue of sin had to be removed!
– I Corinthians 6:11


Maybe there is someone here this morning that has just felt stagnant and stuck. You remember the joy you had in your salvation; you remember feeling the power of God as his Word convicted you and you received forgiveness of sin. And you have been showing up, but you just feel like you are standing outside the wall, and you can’t see inside. Or maybe you are just stuck at the altar, and nothing has happened since. Maybe it is time to be washed clean?

The awesome thing about living in NT times is that you don’t need a priest to help you offer the sacrifice. Jesus is the sacrifice, and you are called to be the living sacrifice. Your priest doesn’t have to wash and enter the tabernacle for you. You can be washed, cleansed, made holy, and sanctified so that you can enter the tabernacle and commune with God! And we will talk about that next week.

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