Who Do You Say I Am?

Questions Jesus Asked: Who Do You Say I Am?

Questions Jesus Asked – 9 – Who do you say I am? 

  1. Week 9.  The summer season was fun wasn’t it!  This is our last sermon on questions that Jesus asked.  We may come back to this again as there are many more questions Jesus asked his followers at various times. 
  2. The final question I that I chose for this series I believe is paramount to your faith, your relationship with Christ, and to every action, choice, and even any word that will come out of your mouth.  How you answer this question will determine the trajectory of the rest of your life and it will even determine the trajectory of your eternal life!  
  3. Who do you say I am? 


Matthew 16:13-19 Peter’s Declaration about Jesus 


  1. The world has their opinions! 
  2. Jesus wants you to have an answer! 
  3. Your answer will define everything in this life and the one to come!   


  1. If Jesus got you alone today and asked you, “Who do you say I am?”  What would you say?  The answer he is looking for may not necessarily be a title or short declaration like we have recorded in the Gospel of Matthew.  It may be that Jesus wants you to say something along the lines of, “You are…  WORTH EVERYTHING!  You are… WORTH DYING FOR!  You are… WORTH SERVING!  You are… MORE IMPORTANT TO ME THAN ANYTHING THIS WORLD HAS TO OFFER.” 
  2. And the truth is that most of us can’t say that truthfully which indicates that there is a need for God to do a mighty work in our lives.  And if you can’t say those things to Christ today it doesn’t mean that you are doomed.  It just means that you need him to reveal it to you.   
  3. It can’t be taught by humans.  It can’t be from today’s sermon.  It must be revealed to you by God himself.  The Holy Spirit has to rest on you so heavily that you feel like you may die if you don’t get this thing resolved.   
  4. And you cry out to God, and you keep crying out to God and you don’t quit until it has been revealed.   


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