Put Them On My Account

The story is told about Methodist circuit raider, Daniel Curry. “One night on the Nebraska prairie, Curry made himself a little campfire and fell asleep, using his saddle for a pillow. That night he dreamed of dying and going to heaven, where he was met by an angel who asked his reason for being there. “My name is Daniel Curry and I have come to claim the mansion Jesus promised me long ago,” he replied. But the angel wouldn’t let him in, and they got into a quarrel. Finally, Curry was taken to argue his case before Almighty God Himself. But arriving at the throne he was dumbstruck. It was ablaze with blinding light equal to a thousand suns, and Curry fell prostrate before the Lord, his eyes tightly shut. A stern voice cried, “Who art thou? What seekest thou?” Curry tried to rise, but he was too terrified to utter a sound. Suddenly, he heard sandaled feet drawing near. A hand touched him and pulled him to his feet. Daniel recognized the scars on the man’s palms, and he heard Him speak these words: “Father, this is Daniel Curry. He confessed Me before men, and I am now confessing him before Thee. Whatever sins he has committed, whatever transgressions may blot his record, whatever iniquities may stain his past- charge them all to Me. Put them on my account.

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