Prayer 101: Thy Kingdom Come

– Matthew 6:9-13 (NKJ Version)
Today we continue on in our series on the Lord’s Prayer. I want to thank Dr. Wilson for coming and sharing last week. It is a great reminder that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. And with today being the day we talk about Thy Kingdom Come, it couldn’t be better timing.
We are all part of something much bigger than ourselves. God’s Kingdom is much bigger than our desires, our wants, our goals, or anything else we hold dear. Not only is it much bigger, it is very much worth it!!!
We could do an entire series just on the Kingdom of God. Jesus told many parables about the Kingdom of God to help his disciples really understand it. But we will try to do it the best justice we can in one sermon.

1. The Kingdom is not what it seems!
Remember that the disciples walked with Jesus and really had no idea what the Kingdom of God was nor how it worked. There was a complete lack of understanding.

– Matthew 18:1-5 The Greatest in the Kingdom
Jesus constantly had to redirect and reteach the Kingdom of God. There are a ton of passages about the Kingdom and the reason why is because the people just didn’t get it no matter how much Jesus taught it. So be very careful to think that you have a good understanding of what the Kingdom is. One of the most convicting things about being a pastor is going home every Sunday and wondering if what we did today was pleasing? Most days I believe we our honoring God to the best of our abilities and knowledge but there is still a fear there.

Even the most religious people during Jesus’ time didn’t understand the Kingdom.

– Luke 17:20-21 The Coming of the Kingdom
The Kingdom is not visible, it can’t be detected, its not tangible! The Kingdom is spiritual and only consist of the spiritual. You can’t force it, you can’t duplicate it, you can’t create it. God alone can bring about his Kingdom and it is only evident to those who are seeking his Kingdom!

– Matthew 6:31-33
Our instinct is to seek our needs and worry about the Kingdom later. But if you seek the Kingdom, all your needs will be met because who already knows about them? Your Heavenly Father!

2. Graham Chapel is not the Kingdom!
This is going to be tough, but as I said before it is very important for us to remember that we are a part of something so much bigger than ourselves. And our church is no different. We have to be very careful not to get hung up on things, places, or feelings as our Church continues to minister to the people we already have here and the people we hope to reach in the future. No matter what we think, there is nothing Holy about anything on this campus. And if it was holy we have tainted it with our presence because we didn’t go through the ceremonial processes in order to keep it cleanse and holy in the eyes of God.

Remember that the Kingdom is spiritual and not physical. There is no physical or man-made object that represents the Kingdom. Its not visible or detectible.

It is humbling to think that Graham is not the Kingdom, but we do represent just a tiny, tiny portion of what the Kingdom is. We are a body of believers that are Spirit filled and because we are spirit filled we are holy, not because we are good but because God in his grace and mercy graciously dwells within us despite all our faults and failures.

So, we are a small representation of the Kingdom, but we are not the Kingdom.

– John 4:19-24
Listen to me this morning. There are people who know very little about the God they worship. There are people who know a lot about the God they worship. We have to be very careful not to elevate ourselves above one another because when the time came for Jesus to die on the cross and save this world, none of that stuff mattered anymore

The people who knew a lot about God and the people who didn’t were now obsolete and their thoughts no longer relevant. Worship was not in a location, but worship now comes from our hearts and our minds, in Spirit and in Truth!

It is every Christian’s calling to usher in the Kingdom!

If you want to be a part of the Kingdom and help it come, you need to be saved! But what does that mean? It’s not just a simple profession of faith. Jesus said, not everyone who refers to me as Lord will enter into the Kingdom. There has to be a greater transformation that takes place. This rebirth is explained amazingly in… Remember this is leading up to John 3:16.

– John 3:3-6
Guys, if we ever make the mistake of thinking that we can bring in the Kingdom under our own abilities or understanding then we are doomed to fail. Humans can only reproduce human life, but the Holy Spirit gives birth to Spiritual life. So, in order to truly be reborn, not only do you have to confess that Jesus is Lord, but you must be filled with the Holy Spirit so that you can be reborn!!! Then Paul writes about something else that needs to happen.

– 2 Thessalonians 1:3-5
We must endure persecutions and hardships. Our endurance must grow and it can only grow through trials. God is going to use all of that to help you grow in him and as you grow in him you will help usher in His Kingdom by revealing it to people around you.

– Hebrews 12:28
Then, we come to the point where our life is worship. Worship doesn’t just happen on Sunday mornings. This is why it is so important for us not to fall into the trap that Graham Chapel is the Kingdom. True worship happens anywhere, anytime, anyplace, and that is why the church was able to spread like wildfire. They were no longer confined to a place.

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