Living a Holy Life 

The Bible often refers to followers of Jesus Christ as saints which means “holy ones.” Yet we know that human beings are born sinful. How can we ever hope to be holy in the ways God is holy? And just how holy can we be? The Bible affirms that, because of God’s grace, human beings have greater potential for godliness than they often realize. It is possible to live a Holy Life, with God’s enabling power. To do so requires some changes on our part, which the Holy Spirit enables us to make. To be truly holy, we must experience a change of attitude, allegiance, and action which are made possible through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Hebrew words for “holy,” “holiness,” and “sanctify” appear more than eight hundred times in the Old Testament. In the New Testament, Greek words with parallel meanings appear nearly three hundred times. Many of these terms apply to God and it should be to us as well. Three things we must remember about a holy life are:

  1. Living a holy life requires a change on attitude (Mark 12:28-34)
  2. Living a holy life requires change in allegiance (Romans 6:19-22)
  3. Living a holy life requires a change in actions (1 John 3:4-10)

What changes in attitude, allegiance, and attitude will you take to move from where you are today to a place that more fully reflects a commitment to holy living?

Wesley Bible Curriculum, July 10, 2016

Prayer Works Magnets
Mr. Kenneth Wilson’s legacy lives on! “Prayer Works” magnets are available for a donation. These magnets are designed to look like the wooden hearts Mr. Wilson made and gave out to hundreds of people. Now you can have this message on your car or refrigerator to encourage all who see it! Donations go to the building fund. Thank you Diane Dearybury for making these available to us.

Jerusalem Project
Our youth and some adults will participate again in the Jerusalem Project in our community. Begin praying for their service and outreach to our community during the week of July 24-29.

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