Imitate What Is Good

Dear friend. do not imitate what is evil but what is good. Anyone who does what is good is from God.
3 John 11

John had his pen out again to write to his
dear friend Gaius. He wrote to Gaius to
bless him for his faithfulness and good
works and to encourage him to continue to
be a blessing. John did not want Gaius to be
overwhelmed or influenced by the evil deeds
of a self-centered man named Diotrephes
who was throwing people out of the church
for welcoming and ministering to brothers
who were visiting. John wrote to let Gaius
know that he was fully aware of what
Diotrephes had been up to and that he
intended to rebuke and confront Diotrephes
‘ personally. On the other hand, John pointed
to another brother, Demetrius, who wfis
faithful and good. The strong message in
this letter is one of both encouragement and
caution- imitate good and not evil.

4-5:30 bridal shower for Amber Lawson
4:30 LBA meeting
6:30 Baccalaureate service at Chesnee First Baptist

Please pray for Greg Edmonds and Mark Smith as they are in Haiti this week on a water project.

Graduating Seniors
Jacob Allman
Marquise Cruz
Robert Daniel Parris
Eli Garrett
David Dial
Dorothy Harris

Congrats to our college graduates:
Darlene Sanders
SPC Joel Barrington

Bridal Shower
There will be a bridal shower for Amber Lawson and Rusty Garrett today 4:00-5:30 in the Family Life Center. All ladies are invited.

LBA Meeting
The LBA will meet today at 4:30. All board members are asked to be at the meeting.

Wedding Invitation
You are invited to the wedding of Amber
Lawson and Rusty Garrett on Saturday, May 31
at 3:00 at Graham Chapel. A reception will
follow in the Family Life Center.

Paint Class
The next paint class will be on Friday night,
May 30. We will eat together at 6:00 and will
begin painting at 6:30. This class will meet in
the Mickel Building.

Golf Tournament
The youth will host a golf tournament on June 7 at Meadow Brook Country Club in
Rutherfordton, NC. Pastor James will give information to anyone interested.

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