God Moves Mountains


The mountains are beautiful this time of year. As I was driving through them recently, a thought came across me. Do you really believe that God can move mountains?

There are many mountains in people’s lives today. Several people in our church have recently come across the mountain called cancer. I can not move that mountain for them, they can not move the mountain themselves. We can not move mountains alone, the Bible says that if God spoke and told a mountain to move from here to there, it would move. We need God’s help to move the mountains in our lives.

God has moved the mountain known as cancer from people in our church, and they are living testimonies of the power of Christ.

Do you have a mountain that you need God’s help with moving? Our church believes in the power of prayer, and praying together as a family and as a church family. The church is a place you can bring your burdens and we will pray together with you.

Give your mountains to God and let him move them.

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