God Expects Exclusive Worship

God is spirit, and His worshippers must worship in spirit and in faith.

John 4:24

If you missed this morning’s service you definitely missed holy worship.

“Worship is a regularly scheduled activity in the church, usually multiple tines per week. People are encouraged to worship in their personal devotions as well. Like many other often repeated activities, it can be done without thought or reflection; worship can become a ritualized routine…. According to the Bible, God wants to be present with His people. He has even promised to inhabit the praises of His people. But how often do we stop to ask ourselves if God is really present when we worship? Do we consider what He thinks or how He feels about our worship? The only worship that God respects or receives is from true worshippers (in spirit) offering true worship (in truth) to the only true God…. As worshippers, we must ask ourselves: Is my worship of God a true worship? If so, am I worshipping the true God of Scripture?
Wesley Bible Curriculum, Feb 3, 2013

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