Changed from the Inside Out

“T0 some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on everybody else, Jesus told this parable.” Luke 18:9 

The parable referred to in this passage in Luke efers to three men. The first man displayed a prideful attitude about his relationship with God, and the third was inordinately attached to his material possessions. Both seemed to believe their own good behavior was what would get them into heaven. The second man, however, approached God with a humble, repentant heart. It was he whom Jesus pronounced justified before God. 

There are two common traps that keep us from enjoying peace with God…..pride in our own righteousness and idol worship. Idol worship is an attachment to some material thing or things that take precedence over our hunger for spiritual things. Our attachment to money, material possessions, hobbies, relationships, success, popularity, or other things of this world will keep us from serving God with our whole heart. To follow Christ completely, we must be willing to forsake all earthly attachments. When we hold too tightly to things that bring us security, we risk losing our relationship with God. However, when we offer ourselves fully to God, we demonstrate that our treasure is in Heaven. 

Spiritual pride is a danger for any person, but especially for those who have been around the church for a while. We must avoid any pretense of our “goodness” and approach God and service to Him with humility born of repentence. We must feel and demonstrate a deep sense of our need for God. Our lives should demonstrate righteous actions and a humble heart that continues to cry, “Lord, have mercy on me,” 

Wesley Bible Curriculum, July 17, 2016 

Legacy Family Camp 

Family Camp begins this Thursday evening at Table Rock and will continue through Sunday evening. The bus will leave the church at 5:30 Thursday-Saturday. On Sunday service begins at 6:00, so the bus will leave at 4:30 Make plans to attend. lnforrnation is on the bulletin board. 

BYF Service at Camp Meeting 

Friday, July 22 is BYF Day at Legacy Family Camp. We will go to Table Rock for the morning service and stay for lunch. Cost for lunch is $6.00. The bus will leave the church at 9:00 and will return mid afternoon. A sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board. Anyone who wants to go is invited. You do not have to be BYF age to go with us! 

Jerusalem Project

Our youth and some adults will participate again this year in the Jerusalem Project in our community. Begin praying for their service and outreach to our community during the week of July 24-29. 

5th Sunday Music Service 

Thomas Mossburg and his group will be the featured muscians on July 31. Plan now to be in this service. 


Congratulations to Darlene Sanders and Tony Jolley on their marriage on July 9. Pray for Tony and Darlene that the home they establish together will be one where God is honored and served. 

Prayer Works Magnets

Mr. Kenneth Wilson’s legacy lives on! “Prayer Works” magnets are available for a donation. These magnets are designed to look like the wooden hearts Mr. Kenneth made and gave out to hundreds of people. Now you can have this message on your refridgerator to encourage all who see it! Donations will go to the building fund. Thank you, Diane Dearybury for making these available to us. 

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