Exodus 20a (8-19-20)

Welcome back to another week in Exodus. Today Pastor James talks about the 10 Commandments. Simple enough to understand for the common person yet so important in our spiritual and physical health as people passing through a temporary world. Join us again as God hands out the instruction manual to the people He created.

Exodus 19 (8-12-20)

Welcome back to another week as Moses and the people of Israel arrive at Mount Sinai to establish their covenant with God. Moses begins to mediate between the two parties and for the first time God reveals himself to the people of Israel. As always, there are some great take-a-ways for this chapter.

Exodus 18 (8-5-20)

Join in for a great chapter of learning and growing. So many times we see Moses as this amazing and incredible man of God. Today we get to see some of his learning and growing as his father-in-law visits and gives him some great advice. Thank the Lord Moses is humble and allows this wisdom to soak in!

Exodus 17 (7-29-20)

This week we dig in to another moment of weakness for the Israelites as they cry out for water, and once again the Lord provides. Don't miss out on this interesting passage as some new people are introduced to the story of the Exodus and God proves himself over and over again to be faithful! The take-a-ways are never ending!

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