2 Corinthians 1c (5-31-23)

Today we will finish up chapter 1 as Paul continues to encourage the believers in Corinth as well as explain why he didn't come back for his second visit. The drama is real for this church. I'm sure we can apply it to our church and our personal lives today!

2 Corinthians 1a-Intro (5-17-23)

Today we are starting the Epistle of 2 Corinthians. As always Pastor James likes to do an intro to the book before we actually start studying the scripture. We hope you enjoy as he discusses some of the background information leading up to this wonderful passage of scripture!

1 Corinthians 16a (5-3-23)

As we start on the last chapter of this book we will talk about a special offering for the believers in Jerusalem and how Paul begins to close out this letter to the Corinthians. Join us as we discuss some very interesting background information on offerings and what the people in Jerusalem were going through.

1 Corinthians (4-5-23)

In chapter 14, Paul continues the push back to the hyper-focus on speaking in tongues. He is still promoting love as the thing we should pursue. Desiring spiritual gifts is a good thing, but we should desire the ones that will help our brothers and sisters the most. Listen to see which one Paul promotes as the most helpful!

1 Corinthians 13 (3-29-23)

Welcome back as we will do all of chapter 13 today. Paul finished up chapter 12 with talking about a more excellent way of living for God. Chapter 13 is the revelation of that more excellent way. Faith, hope, and love will last forever! Are you pursuing those eternal things Paul writes about?

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