Beginning 2014

The Righteous Wait On God

You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.

Isaiah 26:3

Isaiah saw a future time when God’s judgment
will come upon the earth. But rather than
striking fear into the hearts of God’s people, this coming judgment should cause them to rejoice and be glad as they wait for God to act. How can they rejoice knowing that judgment is coming? Because God’s people trust Him to judge the world rightly and to care for His own graciously. Most people have experienced the nervousness of taking an important test. It could be an entrance exam to get into a training program, a final exam for a college course, or a medical test that will reveal an important diagnosis. But what can be even tougher than taking the test is the time between the test and getting the results. Why? One word- uncertainty.

Isaiah tells us that our minds can be at ease, that we can be kept in perfect peace if we trust in the Lord through the tests He allows in our lives. This trust is based on certainty-certainty that He cares for us and is capable of taking care of us, certainty in the outcome of human history and the Lord’s ultimate control of our world.
Wesley Bible Curriculum, January 5, 2014

Mayo Community After Christmas Service will be tonight at 6pm at Piedmont Baptist.

Paint Class will be Friday the 17th at 6pm. Bring food to share, cost for painting is $10

Youth Super Bowl Party will begin with lunch after the morning worship. Worship will be at 4pm

Valentine Banquet on Saturday Feb 8th at 6pm hosted by the youth to raise money for youth camp. There will be prizes and giveaways for couples. Cost is $35 and free babysitting will be available.

Revival Services in February 23-26 at Graham. Rev Kenny Greenway will be speaking

BYF Supper January 10 at Cracker Barrel in gaffney

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