Proverbs 2b (11-8-23)

Welcome back as we finish up chapter 2 today. The beginning of the chapter focused on our need to pursue wisdom and some of the promises of having Godly wisdom. Today, Solomon reveals to us how wisdom can help protect us from the most difficult and unpredictable variables in this world. People!

Proverbs 1b (10-18-23)

Join us today as we begin to chip away at this amazing book of wisdom. Remember that wisdom may be the topic, but the purpose of the book is to teach it! As we cover the first half of chapter 1 we hope that you commit yourself to the pursuit of wisdom through your relationship with Christ!

2 Corinthians 13a (10-4-23)

Today we will cover all of chapter 13 as we finish up the book of 2 Corinthians. Paul gives some final advice as he prepares them for his visit. He can demonstrate the power of God in his punishment of their rebellion, or he can continue to look weak if they repent and turn back to Christ. It is a great ending!

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