Matthew 27b (8-28-22)

Today we continue on in chapter 27 and will talk about Jesus being mocked and crucified. As we progress through this very difficult part of the Gospel story I want to encourage you to yes, be sad about what Jesus endured for you. At the same time, be joyful for the salvation that he provided by willingly going to cross for us all!

Matthew 26d (9-7-22)

Today we will only talk about Jesus being betrayed and arrested. The worst betrayal in history happens by one of his disciples while the other 11 desert him. Today we get to witness the unconditional love of Christ as he continues to love his disciples despite all that happens.

Matthew 26c (8-31-22)

As we continue in this lengthy chapter, today we will cover Jesus predicting Peter's denial and the other disciples deserting him, as well as Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane. There are so many sad, but yet beautiful things going on as Jesus physical life is winding down.

Matthew 26a (8-17-22)

Welcome back as Pastor James' voice is back to normal. We will be catching up on our Study of Matthew so you should be seeing multiple recordings in the next several days. Thank you for staying with us as we start chapter 26 today and count down as Jesus is 3 days away from his crucifixion.

Matthew 25b (8-3-2022)

Today we finish up chapter 25 and will talk about the final judgement. This follows the parables that clearly communicate our need to be ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Even though the groom or the master was delayed, there is no excuse for us not to be ready for his return. Jesus communicates that judgement is coming and the ones who are ready will receive their eternal reward while the ones who aren't will receive their eternal punishment.

Matthew 24b (7-20-22)

Welcome back as we finish up chapter 24 today. This passage is particularly difficult to break down as there are several different stances on the signs given by Jesus. Follow along as Pastor James goes through them and prepares us to look for the Second Coming of Christ.

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