1 Corinthians 8a (1-25-2023)

Chapter 8 deals with food offered to idols but the application is a beautiful thing that we can put on so many aspects of our walk with Christ. Knowledge can be beneficial but as we serve our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ love is the most important thing we can give and it is the way that we are identified by God as his children.

Daniel: The Writing on the Wall

Welcome back as we continue in our journey through he book of Daniel. Today we are jumping to chapter 5 and focusing on the account of Daniel being brought in before the king after spending many years on the bench just waiting for another significant moment to serve the Lord. Thankfully Daniel has been serving God all along and is ready for the occasion.

1 Corinthians 6a (12-14-22)

Today we will cover the first half of chapter 6 as Paul speaks of the importance of disputes being handled among the believers inside the church. As our society relies so much on laws and legal issues, it is important to rely on fellow believers to help us settle disputes. Join us today to see the reasons Paul gives for this.

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