Matthew 8a (7-28-21)

Welcome back as we begin to look at the healing power of Jesus. There is some cool historical background information along with some amazing spiritual truths that we can apply to our own relationship with Jesus Christ. We hope you enjoy!

Matthew 6b (7-6-21)

Welcome back as we finish up Matthew 6 today. It is amazing at how the teachings of Jesus are 2,000 years old and yet more relevant than anything we have today. Don't be surprised if the calling to focus on spiritual things rather than earthly things will convict you.

Modern-Day Israel

Join us as our staff continues to tackle some of the major topics of our day. Israel has been in the headlines lately and there has been a push for our country to stop supporting them. What should be our stance as Christians? We have plenty of scripture to show you what God expects in this situation!

Matthew 5f (6-16-21)

Welcome back as we continue to look at the amazing teaching of Jesus addressing the heart of the "Law". The Law definitely is deeper than dos and do nots. It is a calling to the heart of every human being. Sin originates in our hearts and minds and that is what Jesus is calling us to address.

Biblical Gender and Sexual Identity

Tune in for another week as our staff continues to address the rapid growing support and participation in the LGBTQAIA+ community. This week pastor James addresses Gender Identity and Sexual Identity. From the ability of people to choose or people who were born with Gender Dysphoria, we look at this issue from a Biblical perspective with love and compassion. Join us to better understand what Christ wants from all of us in this life.

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