History of Graham Chapel

In 1899 Rev. L. W. Johnson and Rev. Frank M. Graham held a worship service just off Highway 221 in the Mayo area, where sixty professions of faith were made by the people attending.  These sixty professions of faith were the spark that ignited Graham Chapel Wesleyan into existence.  The people that were changed organized a church and named it Graham Chapel in honor of Reverend Frank M. Graham.  For over 124 years, Graham Chapel has been reaching out to the Mayo and Chesnee community.  Through the years, God’s Spirit has moved in an incredible way touching the hearts and lives of people who have attended.

Graham is a friendly and loving church, while reaching outside its walls in several different ways.  We have ran bus ministries for our community at different intervals, have been involved in local missions as well as places such as El Paso, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, Haiti, Miami, and the flood victims of Iowa, Texas, New Orleans and Alabama.  We have also assisted the families of our community with finances, food, clothing, shelter, etc.

We invite you to join our loving family as we grow together and reach out to bring our community to the wonderful, saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.