Day 1

1. Read Acts 1
2. Research who wrote the book of Acts.
3. Name three things that Jesus taught in the gospels.
4. Think about the Trinity.  What is God’s role? What is Christ’s Role? What is the Holy Spirit’s role?
5. Why is it so important that the disciples saw Jesus ascend to heaven with their own eyes?
6. Why was it important for the disciples to replace Judas with another disciple?
7. What verse in Acts 1 talks about prophecy from the OT (Old Testament)?
Spend at least 7 minutes in prayer!
1. Think of one person with physical needs (hunger/sickness/poor/etc…)
2. Think of one person with spiritual needs
3. Pray for our church
4. Pray for our youth group
5. Pray that God would prepare you to spread his word
6. Pray for God to lead you to someone to witness to
7. Pray for anything else that may be on your heart!

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