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The Passover (4/14/19)


As we continue our series on the Passover, we will continue to look back and forth at the Last Supper and that first Passover meal. This morning we will see the representation of Jesus as the Lamb and sacrifice. A sacrifice had to be chosen. The Passover was not possible without a sacrifice and salvation…(Read More)

The Passover (4/7/19)


As we begin the Easter season we will look back at the first Passover meal shared by the Isrealites and dive into the meaning of that meal. This meal was very symbolic and everything that God was asking them to do had not only current benefit but eternal benefit as well…(Read More)

Holy Spirit (3/31/19)


As we close out our series on the Holy Spirit, Pastor Robert Hampshire reminds us that without the Holy Spirit in our lives we cannot truly change. He explains how to invite the Holy Spirit into our lives to experience that true change and redemption…(Read More)

Holy Spirit (3/17/19)


As we continue our series on the Holy Spirit this morning, Pastor Timmy Young will talk with us about the Holy Spirit being the leader of our lives. Our relationship with Christ does not end with salvation, we should be continually seeking his guidance through the Holy Spirit daily…(Read More)

Holy Spirit (3/10/19)


As we continue our series on the Holy Spirit, this morning we will talk about the benefits that the Holy Spirit brings to our lives. The Holy Spirit is present to help keep us accountable. You cannot live apart from sin without the Holy Spirit present in your life…(Read More)

Holy Spirit (3/3/19)


Are you feeling frustrated and exhausted in your spiritual life today? Chances are today that most of us are. We want to live for Christ and we want to do the right thing, but it seems like no matter what we do we end up screwing it up. Living for Christ is hard. Changing is…(Read More)

As we close out our series on relationships, this morning we will have a question and answer panel with couples from the church. The couples on this panel will share about their own experiences in marriage and give us advice on how to have a Christ-Centered relationship that lasts…(Read More)

As we continue our relationship series, this morning Pastor James and his wife Hannah will talk to us about the importance of forgiveness in relationships. Pastor Dan Belcher and his wife Rita will also give their own personal testimony about forgiveness in their own marriage…(Read More)