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Hills and Valleys (9/15/19)


As we continue our Hills and Valleys testimonies, this morning we will hear from Brandon Henderson. He will talk about being drafted into major league baseball but what appeared to be a hill outwardly in his life was actually a deep valley…(Read More)

Hills and Valleys (9/1/19)


We all have Hills and Valleys in our life and God is present in both. As we start this sermon series, we will learn that we should be preparing daily for the valleys of this life and that we should appreciate the hills and mountains as a glimpse of eternity in Heaven…(Read More)

Circumcision (8/25/19)


As we close out our sermon series on Circumcision, we will look at how the Jewish Christians in the New Testament were trying to force circumcision on new believers. But true salvation does not come from outward changes but a true change in your heart and life…(Read More)

Circumcision (8/11/19)


As we continue our sermon series on circumcision this morning, we will talk about the process of New Testament circumcision. New Testament circumcision is a spiritual thing! Are you willing to let Christ get a hold of your life and remove your sinful nature? It is a painful process but the benefits are eternal…(Read More)

Circumcision (8/4/19)


This morning we begin a sermon series on Circumcision. Today we will look back at the origin of circumcision with Abraham. There is always a reason and benefit when God asks us to give something up. Are you willing to let God take control this morning?  He knows far better than you and I…(Read More)

James (7/14/19)


This morning we continued our sermon series on the Book of James picking up in chapter 3. Today we will talk about how our tongue can be a dangerous thing. Your tongue will either be set on fire by Hell or set on fire by Heaven. Which one do you want to be fueled by…(Read More)